At CAMPDERÁ ENGINEERING we are specialized in the conceptual, basic and detailed design of substations at voltages from 15kV up to 500kV. This constitutes the core of our professional offer. We are an outstanding and talented team of professionals who have accumulated vast experience in Air Insulated (AIS) and Gas Insulated (GIS) substations.


  • Electromechanical Design.
  • Civil Design (roads, cable canals, drainages and foundations).
  • Structural Design.
  • Grounding and lightning Protection Design.
  • Electrical Insulation Analysis
  • One-Line Diagrams Development
  • Communication Systems Design
  • Power and Energy Measurement System Design
  • Equipment & Construction Materials Specification
  • Auxiliary Systems Design
  • Exterior Lighting, Security and Access Control Design.
  • Control and Auxiliary Buildings Engineering
  • Cost Estimates.
  • Power and Control Wiring Engineering

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