Protection & Control Systems constitute the “brain” of a substation. These systems are in continuous technological renewal and as networks grow, they become increasingly complex. Our firm offers these services in which we have an exhaustive list of references.


  • Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Design of Protection & Control Systems.
  • Definition of Control Logics.
  • Developed Schemes and Functional Diagrams of P&C Panels.
  • Internal Wiring Diagrams for P&C Panels.
  • Point to Point Connection Schemes.
  • Communications Systems under a variety of Protocols.
  • Substation Controllers and SCADA.
  • Telecontrol Systems.
  • Monitoring of Transformers and Switches.
  • Human-Machine Interface Design.
  • Protection Coordination.
  • P&C Equipment Specifications.
  • Technological Renewal of Substations.
  • Cost Estimates.
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